Paleo Trikeri (Anchorage)

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Coordinates: 039° 9.238' N , 023° 4.591' E
Country: Greece

The small and only harbour in the island. Due to its geographic location, offers protection on all winds. 
The small ferries coming from the mainland land moor in the eastern part the harbour. 
  • The small concrete pier, the water depth is only suitable for small boats. 
  • The concrete pier in the centre, in front of the central restaurant, is used by both fishermen and yachts. If you get a place at the footbridge in front of the restaurant, you can get electricity from the restaurant (adapter required, unspoken expected you eat there). This restaurant also offers showers. The food was very good. 
  • There is another pier in the western part. 

    Anchor: in the middle part of the port in 10 to 15 meters. 

    Ashore: several tavernas at the port, which are mainly visited by fishermen and sailors. The atmosphere right at the small harbour is unique. 

    Don't miss: take the path that leads to the monastery in the centre of the island.


    Offers protection from wind directions

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    by Steve Neal on 08 June 2018

    Lovely looking spot but we were refused a place on the restaurant quay as we could only pay by card and they only accepted cash. Rule #1 - cash is king.

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