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Trizonia (Marina)

Average 4 stars from 2 user reviews.

Coordinates: 038° 22.143' N , 022° 4.561' E
Country: Greece

Abandoned and unfinished marina. 
Marina: protected from all around and you can leave the boat here over winter. Don't moor on the outer mole.
Anchor: in 23 ft. over tall weeds and mud, the holding is good. 
Ashore: limited provisioning on the island, a few restaurants which most of them, close during the winter months. It is a 10 min ride by boat taxi to the mainland or 1 Euro on the water bus (runs every hour depending on the weather). It is a very relaxing place to spend a few days. There is some short walks around the island; 20 min walk to the other side of the island


Price band (high season) No charge
Price band (low season) Unknown
Active winter community NO

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by Steve Neal on 22 May 2017

Fairly busy (it's free) little marina. We tied up alongside on the end of the outer mole as few, if any, boats had bothered to moor close to one another, leaving lots of almost big enough gaps. Over 3m deep there. Had 15kts from SE that night so was quite uncomfortable, would have been better anchored in the bay. 

Nice selection of tavernas nearby serving good food at reasonable prices. 

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by Dee Lawrence on 02 June 2017

Great little place for a few days away from the sea swell. Most boats alongside as anchoring not recommended, pretty busy at the end of May. Market attached to one of the bars, limited supplies but fresh bread delivered daily from mainland. Ferry to Glyfadia fun, nice seafront with a few bars and restaurants. Supermarket just opposite ferry terminal.

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