Mr Cleaner (Laundry)

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Coordinates: 037° 15.028' N , 021° 40.300' E
Country: Greece


Service laundry and dry cleaners. Not cheap but when you’ve got a backlog of washing it’s very useful. Laundry was done well. 

Tel: 27610 22606

Email: info@mrcleaner

Web:   (Wasn’t working when I tried it)


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by Sacha Beere on 16 September 2018

Great laundry, very quick but not cheap. A full large black plastic bin bag washed and folded was 20 Euros. Beautifully done and wrapped in cellophane though. They also delivered it to the boat in the port. 

Added by Sacha Beere on 16/09/2018 07:39:56.
Last updated by Sacha Beere on 16/09/2018 07:41:40.
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