Palmeira Anchorage (Port of entry)

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Coordinates: 016° 45.193' N , 022° 58.771' W
Country: Cabo Verde

Sal is one of the most tourist orientated of the Cape Verde islands but most of it is in the south of the island. Palmeira is a small, friendly and relaxed village.
Port of entry but it is only an anchorage only - no marina. Harbour police and Immigration are located in the same building in the centre of town (Policia MarĂ­tima). Immigration, however, are not always around as they work also in the airport nearby. 
Warning: it is not advisable to enter at night here because of the various wrecks, and also the lighthouse might not be working. Dinghy and outboard theft have been a problem here in the past. 
Anchor: in about 4m of water over thin sand; good holding. Be sure to not anchor too close to the cargo ship dock as the ships need to turn before leaving.  The anchorage is very sheltered in the prevailing winds except in strong southerlies. 
Ashore: fresh water taps, public showers (0.5 Euros/person 2016), small supermarkets with expensive food but you can buy locally caught fish from the fishermen; restaurants and bares, a cyber-cafe where you can buy a SIM card. The Bar Arminda is where the sailors meet. There is a local street party every Sunday. Frequent Bus to the island capital, Espargos.In Espargos check the Las Salinas restaurant.  
Jay, a local who will take his boat out to greet you, is very friendly and helpful. He will take your trash for a small fee and will also offer a ride to shore for a small fee. He keeps an eye on things in the anchorage and is a good person to befriend. 
A good place to land by dinghy is just to the left of the beach.

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