Skala Harbour, Patmos (Marina)

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Coordinates: 037° 19.693' N , 026° 32.682' E
Country: Greece

Moor: anchor and tie back to the W quay or use the small "marina" if there is room. No mooring charges when we were there in 2015. Water and electric are charged. 
Anchor: there is enough room to anchor in the middle of the harbour but with risk of crossed anchors if boats on the quay have lots of chain out. Holding seems good, shelter is good apart from S winds. 
Although this is a popular place it is usually possible to find a place. 
Ashore: the water from the fountain on the quay is very good, unfortunately you can not fill your ships' tanks. 
Don't miss: The monastery where John wrote the revelations is worth a visit, take the bus up and walk back. Can rent a car for 1/2 day to go to the monastery (20 EURO 2016). A taxi to the Chora will cost 7 Euro.

Price band (high season) Unknown
Price band (low season) Unknown
Active winter community NO

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by Steve Neal on 13 July 2017

Nice touristy town with easy moorings and good shelter from northerly winds. Big selection of shops and restaurants including genuine Italian ice cream. 

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