East Bay, Levitha (Mooring buoys)

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Coordinates: 037° .155' N , 026° 28.160' E
Country: Greece


East Bay

Mooring buoy: better be ready with the dingy as the mooring balls only have a small line to grab to, and you have to insert your own lines through the small shackle. Euro7.00/day charge.  Cash only. There is not much room to anchor here. 

13 buoys available.

West bay is also very well protected and is free to anchor. 

Ashore: only a small restaurant a short walk over to the NW owned by the same family that have the moorings. There is nothing else on this island but it is very peaceful with no internet or even cell towers, the only way to make a call is to walk up the hill.

No phone signal.

Price band (high season) Low cost
Price band (low season) Unknown
Active winter community NO

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by Ian Moulding on 11 July 2018

Peaceful spot, buoys look rock solid, murky sea and the bottom is littered with rubbish.

by Steve Neal on 18 July 2017

Great shelter, albeit quite windy the mooring buoys are in excellent condition.  Eat ashore at the taverna, the goat stew is incredible. 

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