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Camp de Coswine (Anchorage)

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Coordinates: 005° 40.342' N , 053° 56.990' W
Country: French Guiana


Take a turn into the beautiful creek Coswine and go back to the Maroni River via Crique Vaches. The small village of Coswine lies 1.9M from the creek entrance. The village has a dozen or so houses, most traditionally built, and is located on a dune of fine white sand. There are no services. 

The entrance bar at the centre has at least 2.5m water and quickly deepens to more 5 m.  Anchor in 8m and dinghy ashore to the floating pontoon. 

If you decide to take the "inland route" to the Maroni River, continue east and you will reach a junction (1.8M after Coswine  - 5°39.19 N 53°56.71 W). 

  • Take the west branch to reach Crique Vaches and the Maroni River. Dept of 10-15m in the main creek and 5+m at the entrance. Anchor anywhere along the creek.
  • Take the south branch takes through deep jungle with depths typically 10-20m to a point where the creek widens and shoals to 4 m; anchor in the middle of tranquil jungle (5°38.86 N 53°55.90 W) You will find another anchorage further along (3 m dept 5°38.47 N 53°55.45 W, 2.2 M after the junction). The creek can be sailed for a about another 2 M before it becomes narrow and shallow.
Be aware that there will be little or no wind, and mosquito nets/hatch covers are essential.


Offers protection from wind directions

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