NP LPG station (Gas)

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Coordinates: 010° 38.585' N , 061° 29.919' W
Country: Trinidad and Tobago

The entrance is just before the "> > > > >" pattern on a concrete barrier before the overpass. You need to wear long trousers and close-toed shoes to enter the compound; no mobile use in the compound. 
Cost is TT$16.25 for a 10# tank and TT$38.25 for a 20# tank. Currently, no tank inspection is required. Some European and South African valve types may not be filled. 
You may legally carry not more than 45 lbs/20kg of Cooking gas in your private car. 
Tel: 625-1364, ext 589.
Open Monday to Friday, 07:30 - 15:00. 

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