Port Itea (Port of entry)

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Coordinates: 038° 25.820' N , 022° 25.257' E
Country: Greece

Marina: tied up alongside at Itea Marina which is still without any services but port police and customs available. We paid 11 Euros/day for marina for our 12m boat. 
Ashore: a great place for provisioning.
Don't miss: this is the best place for taking a bus to the site of the Oracle of Delphi (bus). 

Price band (high season) Unknown
Price band (low season) Unknown
Active winter community NO

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by Steve Brown on 20 May 2018

A thoroughly enjoyable town.  We stayed two nights in May, 2018 for no charge.  I checked in with the Port Police to have my Transit Log stamped.  They were interested in our travels and how we were enjoying Greece.  The marina was uncrowded.  Boats tie up alongside the inner wall, and there were only four boats here with us one night, three the next.  Good bollards to tie to.  There is one tap for water right in the middle of the quay.  It is low on the concrete, right at the edge, and may be hard to see if a boat is tied up in front of it.  Water was free.

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