Bonifacio (Marina)

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Coordinates: 041° 23.296' N , 009° 9.837' E
Country: France


Nice Marina below the old town of Bonifacio. The quai is surrounded by restaurants and shops. Take a 15 minutes walk to the top where the town is, you'll find many nice restaurants and incredible views on the straights. Well worth a visit. 

You need to reserve a spot as it gets very crowded. Bookings are only possible online (8/2018). We had no chance getting trough on the phone or the VHF. Once in the harbourmasters office I realised that the phone was constantly ringing and people where calling them on the radio wich was on but they had hands down no time to answer it as the office was crowded with guests and only one employee to handle it.

The mooring guys are a bit rough and you have to argue with them. Not what you expect from a marina. Be careful when standing by to be docked, everyone wants to be first here and there are many tripboats navigating at rather high speeds in the narrow channel oh and winds come down from all sides.


Price for 36ft/10.8m was 60€ in August 2018.


Price band (high season) High cost
Price band (low season) Unknown
Active winter community NO

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by Jack Andrys on 11 November 2018

We loved the place for the town, the Marina is expensive, and unlikely to reply to you if you call speaking English, so just go in and hover around until guided to a spot.  Don't expect help to tie up if you are not a large boat coming in during peak months or busy times.

by John Alonso on 12 November 2018

We stopped late in the season (Nov 12/2018), most of the town is closed for the winter season, and there was good space for us. The location and town is great to explore, there is a couple of supermarkets (SPAR) in the marina itself which is very convenient ... as well as a chandlery.

I would say it is expensive, in Nov, we got charged €123 for the night for our 50ft catamaran. Would've said "loved it" if not so expensive :)

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