Kelibia (Port of entry)

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Coordinates: 036° 50.037' N , 011° 6.668' E
Country: Tunisia

Kelibia is a busy fishing harbour and a suitable port of refuge when en-route between Malta, Pantelleria, Sicily or Sardinia. It is a useful harbour from which to clear out of Tunisia
you must check-in even if you have already been cleared into the Tunisia;
watch out for fishing nets at the exit, on the right.
Moor: entrance is straight forward and the port offers good shelter in almost all conditions There is only a small section of dock for visitors and most of the space is taken up by local boats. The harbour master will try hard to find a place for you to berth, and assist with docking, including moving other boats to make room.
  • You will probably raft up on the visitor's pontoon.
  • it might be possible to dock along the south breakwater/quay just east of the fuel station; the wall is rough and can cause damage to your boat specially in strong northerlies.
  • DO NOT moor on the space reserved for Guarde National and even though you might be encouraged to tie up there. You will have to move when the Guarde National boat returns (at any hour).
Port Police and Customs are pleasant and accommodating. They will come to your boat for an inspection and may ask for “souvenirs/cadeaux” (whisky/cigarettes) and will complete all documentation while on your boat, taking your passports to their office and returning them a short while later. Have a prepared list of all electronics on board, including computers, tablets, cell phones, navigation equipment, radio’s TV’s etc.
Ashore: NO water or electricity (possible to negotiate additional cost for water and electricity). Small shops located just outside the marina selling fruits and vegetables and a market in town. A 100 ton travel lift, which might be available for emergency repairs; basic marine repair shop supplies geared to the fishing fleet.
Don't miss: climb to the fort for good views of the bay.

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