Macapa (Port of entry)

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Coordinates: 000° 1.683' N , 051° 3.071' W
Country: Brazil


An industrial city that sits directly on the equator is the entry port for cruise ships arriving from the Atlantic before vessels can enter the river

Immigration and safety authorities.

Don't miss

  • pink-hued Amazon river dolphins ("boto" in Portuguese) swim up next to the ship — or the dock — and poke their long noses out of the water in welcome. 
  • Fortaleza de São José de Macapá built to defend the Amazon River entry point. The fortress remains structurally sound, although there’s little in the way of formal exhibits or guided tours. 
  • Marco Zero, this sundial marker delineating the exact line of the equator, you can snap a photo with one foot in the Northern Hemisphere and the other in the Southern.
  • Pororoca, known by surfers as “the longest wave,” this 10- to 12-foot-high tidal bore travels down the Amazon River for hundreds of miles during what are known as "spring tides." Near Macapá, there’s a point where experienced surfers try paddling out to catch it. Mere mortals simply gawk as the chocolate-brown wave sweeps by, carrying entire trees and crocodiles with it!

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