Customs, Kourou (Port authority)

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Coordinates: 005° 9.141' N , 052° 40.227' W
Country: French Guiana


Go upriver in your dinghy to the Customs, Coastguard, etc. quay which is on the north bank of the river, just after the Commercial Port and before you reach the road bridge; about 1.5M from the buoy #21 anchorage. Tie-up your dinghy to the pontoon, walk ashore and keep on going up the road ahead of you, with the commercial port on your right hand side. After about 3-400m take the first turning to your right and continue walking for another 4-500m past the entrance to the commercial port – which is still on your right-hand side – until you reach the next turning right; it’s a narrow, dilapidated track, immediately before ‘Kinder-Nautic’ Jetskis and opposite a building with a sign reading ‘Thalassa’ on the facade. The road/track looks like it leads to nowhere, but have faith, turn down it at you’ll find the Douane/Customs building on the right-hand side, after about 250m – you’ll be just about able to see your dinghy tied to the pontoon you set off from!

It’s best to go there before 12:00 Mon. – Fri


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